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Welcome to Canoes and Lampshades

Building small watercraft of all designs and styles to owner's request from ultra light weight canoes to easily handled sea kayaks - specialising in Platt Monfort's Geodesic Airolite designs, finished to a high standard, with a degree of flair - anything considered......a traditional Canadian canvas over timber slat perhaps??.......a lapstrake ply dinghy??.........a Percy Blandford design in Dacron weighing half as much as it looks?? Perhaps a very different lampshade.....or a pedestal (or is it a plinth?? ) As I said, anything considered and I love a challenge.

Current "in-build" - a camping/hiking/fishing version of the Arrow14 to explore Tassie's Central Lakes District - and home renovations!!

...and still thinking of that Canadian Canoe

.........as well as considering a Skin-on-Frame Sit-on-Top........which should be interesting!!!!!




Any comments or suggestions are welcome. All enquiries to:

Peter Ingram-Jones, 0488 420 002, or email me at


....and now completed....

One I'd always wanted - the old traditional Percy Blandford Scout's canoe - done "nice" - and at 9'5kgs a delight....

Skin-on-Frame + Light = "Something Special"
F1 on Bellerive Beach before jetting off to Melbourne......
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