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NEW WEBSITE - https://canoesandlampshades.com.au

PLEASE GO TO MY NEW WEBSITE - https://canoesandlampshades.com.au

Located 15km from central Hobart I build small watercraft of all designs and styles to owner's request from ultra light weight canoes to easily handled sea kayaks - specialising in Platt Monfort's Geodesic Airolite designs and the F1 kayak by Brian Schulz......

I've also done a couple of "sets" of Brian's "66" nesting canoes as well as a Percy Blandford design in Dacron weighing half as much as it looks!

Over the years I've fielded many requests for lamps and lampshades and I've been developing a lamp that I call my Pedestal Lamp....watch out for a new page to come soon.

Allan Witt of Witt Design developed th
e Derwent Skiff series of pulling boats to a great degree before he passed away in early 2021. Before all that he designed the Stave Stool. His Stave Stools were launched at the Tasmanian Wood Design Collection's Grand Exhibition in 2001 and received an exceptional award:
"A furniture item with a major design component that is based on the sustainable application of Tasmanian regrowth or plantation eucalypt designed for high quality manufacture and sale".

I am now in a position to carry on the production of Allan's creation...

.........and the Canadian Canoe has a sponsor, an is currently in-build!!! 

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. All enquiries to:

Peter Ingram-Jones, 0488 420 002, or email me at

....and now completed....

One I'd always wanted - the old traditional Percy Blandford Scout's canoe - done "nice" - and at 9.5kgs,

 ....a delight....

Skin-on-Frame + Light = "Something Special"
F1 on Bellerive Beach before jetting off to Melbourne......
A stylish installation in a stylish Noosa home...."Art....
....to Use"     Smile15 now at home in warm Qld waters
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