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Why settle for a good thing....when you can have GREAT!!??

Don’t read this - unless you want great design that you know is sustainable, and free of eco-spin.
In 2001, Stave stools were launched at the Tasmanian Wood Design Collection’s Grand Exhibition and received an exceptional award - “A furniture item with a major design component that is based on the sustainable application of Tasmanian regrowth or plantation eucalypt designed for high quality manufacture and sale.”
Now, with ten plus years of reliable production and flat pack shipping around the world, we have improved on good and made Stave stools great.
Years of experience have led to major innovations in the manufacturing process. Today, fewer core laminations in the legs make for fewer manufacturing steps, very little waste and a smaller carbon footprint than the original Stave stools.  The new cores are hand-selected from Ta Ann Tasmania’s rotary peeled regrowth Eucalypt stock.
The result: an improvement on a classic: modern stools with an eco twist. Old-world quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, modern design excellence and sustainable manufacturing deliberately go counter to a throwaway culture of irresponsible manufacturing and haphazard quality.
Stave stools are something very special from Tasmania, designed with care and dedication to responsible manufacturing, elegant looks and amazing functionality.
Celebrating this leap forward, Witt Design is offering special discounts for Stave Stool purchases made before 30/June/2014.  Go to www.wittdesign.com.au and enter the word “REGROWTH” in the promotional code box when you choose your specialty veneer (Blackwood, Myrtle and selected blond Eucalypt). Receive a 10% discount for two or three stools, and 15% for four or more. As Witt Design is still making stools to order, till stocks are built up with the new process, please allow up to 6 weeks from order to dispatch.
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