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PLEASE GO TO MY NEW WEBSITE - canoesandlampshades.com.au Build Your Own Cape Falcon F1 Kayak

PLEASE GO TO MY NEW WEBSITE - https://canoesandlampshades.com.au

The F1 kayak offered by Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayaks is the best all-round fun day boat I've ever paddled. With more than 10 years experience and over 50 F1 kayaks built I have Brian's full support and hold the sole commercial licence to build his craft in Tasmania. Not only the F1, but any of the designs found at capefalconkayaks.com 

Building your own Skin-on-Frame kayak can be a rewarding experience as several of my customers (friends now) have said. I offer a one-on-one, five day long course where you will build your own kayak and Greenland style paddle. Start Monday, paddle Friday.......

All tools and guidance is supplied at my workshop, a wonderful riverside setting on the Derwent River opposite the new MONA gallery.

For interstate visitors there is B&B accommodation close handy (see my links page) or we are only a 20 minute drive from the centre of Hobart.

Getting your kayak home is easy as well as I can arrange packaging and freight to any regional airport serviced by Qantas Freight, or to any freight depot you choose.

You might like to share this experience with a friend - that's fine. We can build up to two at a time in my workshop and it doubles the fun:)

How much does it cost???

$3,900 is the cost for the one-on-one five day build. Includes the kayak (of course), and a Greenland style paddle built to your stature and paddling requirements,.....

$3,500 each if you do it with a friend.

We build at my workshop on the banks of the Derwent River. Bring some lunch though  morning and afternoon tea/coffee is provided, and if you're good, a glass of wine or a beer to gloat over progress at the end of the day. We launch on the final day and have an hour on the water working through the fine points of the F1 and the Greenland paddle......

Freight can be arranged through Qantas Freight to your closest regional airport within Australia. I wrap your kayak in clear plastic, plaster "FRAGILE" all over it and deliver to Hobart Airport. Unfortunately there is no insurance offered by Qantas, nor a delivery service. Having said that, there has never been any damage incurred - so don't let that be a concern - these things are tough. Freight charges have a habit of changing once you take your eye off them, so a quote needs to be obtained beforehand....ask me.

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