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I'm based in Hobart, Tasmania and there's no reason why I can't deliver your canoe or kayak or lampshade direct to your door if you live in Tasmania.

I've successfully sent a crate containing two Geodesic Airolites to Ireland so I'm practised in export procedures.

Air freight was an easy and relatively inexpensive way to ship within Australia, well, less expensive than driving here to pick it up. That was before COVID-19 meant that the Qantas stopped using their freighters as much.

I'd suggest contacting TasFreight to get a quote as I have recently sent a boat to Perth WA at very reasonable rates....

Only a couple of things to remember -

(A) there is no insurance obtainable, so

(B) packaging is an additional cost, and

(C) you have to collect it from the receiving depot as they do not offer a delivery service.

Contact me for dimensions before you go looking for a quote........

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