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Pennicott Wilderness Tours - Bruny Island WhaleBoat 5.0

Mid April 2017 I took a very intriguing phone call from Robert Morris-Nunn...."I may have dropped you in it. Could you come to a meeting with Rob Pennicott? He wants a whale boat......".

So I thought about that for a while. Further information was to the effect that he wanted something to drop into the void of a spiral staircase in the new visitor centre of Pennicott Wilderness Tours on Bruny Island....and it was thought that a whale boat would be ideal....so I thought some more about that. And made a model. I was thinking at the time that (A) I certainly wasn't going to build a whale boat, but (B) if I could build what I wanted and incorporate some whale boat attributes, ie; dimensions, oars, sweep oar, barrels, rope etc then maybe I could create something recognisable as a whale boat. So I made a model....

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