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Raido-Beta construction....... Baidarka

This project had its origins at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart in 2009. We were originally thinking of doing something like the Greenland Kayak but wanted something a little more special.

So, the idea was to build a Baidarka, all in Tasmania's beautiful Huon Pine. There was no particular emphasis on adhering to traditional design, just an exploration to see where it would lead us.




The build process followed Wolfgang Brink's informative book, "The Aleutian Kayak" as well as several articles by David W. Zimmerly. Among a lot of web research we also found Harvey Golden's Traditional Kayaks site very useful.
One-piece lower bow section in place
Now has a real presence in the workshop.
Another late night photo session.
Different perspective now that the skin is on. Opens up the potential for a whole lot more photo fun..
Stitching completed - a lot of hours, a lot of stitches. I'm very pleased with how the treatment at the bow worked out. Lovely Huon Pine.
For all intents and purposes.......FINISHED.
and FLOATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love what that sunlight does.
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