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Hands on input into your very own SOF Kayak Build Your Own F1 Kayak

Building your own Skin-on-Frame kayak can be a rewarding experience as several of my customers (friends now) have said. I offer a one-on-one, week long course where you will build your own kayak and Greenland style paddle. Start Monday, paddle Friday.......

I supply morning/afternoon teas and lunches each day and a wonderful riverside setting on the Derwent River opposite the new MONA gallery.

For interstate visitors there is B&B accommodation close handy (see my links page) or we are only a 20 minute drive from the centre of Hobart.

Getting your kayak home is easy as well as I can arrange packaging and freight to any regional airport serviced by Qantas Freight.

You might like to share this experience with a friend - that's fine. We can build up to two at a time in my workshop and it doubles the fun:)

The cost for this little adventure is $3,500 for a single build. If you can sign up a friend to two at a time it's $2,700 each. That includes floatation bags and a spray-skirt ready to paddle on your favourite waterway.

Why not contact me now and discover the joys of Skin on Frame kayaks.....

How much does it cost???

$3,500 is the cost for the one-on-one week long build. Includes the kayak (of course), the Greenland style paddle, float bags and sprayskirt.......

$2,700 if you do it with a friend, includes all the above.....at the moment.

Freight can be arranged through Qantas Freight to your closest regional airport within Australia. I wrap your kayak in clear plastic, plaster "FRAGILE" all over it and deliver to Hobart Airport. Unfortunately there is no insurance offered by Qantas, nor a delivery service. Having said that, there has never been any damage incurred - so don't let that be a concern - these things are tough. Freight charges have a habit of changing once you take your eye off them, so a quote needs to be obtained beforehand....ask me.

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