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Skin on frame kayak design PBK57 from Percy Blandford.

The idea behind this little project is to build the PBK57 using the skills I've learned from building the Geodesic Airolites of Platt Monfort. The PBK57 uses bent ribs rather than plywood stations to form the hull shape. I've got a fully finished target weight in mind of 11kg (under 25lb). I'm going to use King Billy Pine and Huon with a little highlight thrown in here and there.............. 



Port gunwale in place, King Billy Pine. Stems and plywood pieces of stations are 5mm thick ply. Strengthening blocks of King Billy Pine.
Frame completed. The clamps are holding the cockpit corner braces in place.
Outside for a comparison with a PBK15. Weight of the canvas covered PBK15 is 20kg, target weight for the PBK57 is 11kg.
Skin completed - ready to cut out the cockpit opening.
Bow and stern fittings made up from stock aluminium (now my straight edge is a little shorter..) with 50mm stainless steel screws imbedded into the deck stringer.
Time out for a clean-up. Rub rails in place - screwed and glued - screw holes all plugged.
FINISHED and FLOATING. Exceeded all expectations. Weigh-in confirmed - 9.5KG!!!!!!!!!!! Very Happy. Took her on her maiden voyage down the Derwent River from New Norfolk to Otago Bay, that's a 27km run and she was a delight............
Yours truly.....and Canoes & Lampshades ARE looking for a model if you're wondering.....
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