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One week in June............ Michael Storer Quick Canoe 155

The Great Tinaroo Raid is an annual event held in Far North Queensland organised by the Wooden Boat Association of Cairns, otherwise known as "With Biscuits And Coffee" - www.wbac.com.au is worth a look.

For the 2010 Raid my mate in FNQ, Cliff Rogers, wanted a new canoe. Given that I was arriving 10 days beforehand and of those we had 6 to build "something" it seemed that Michael Storer'e Quick Canoe 155 seemed to fit the bill perfectly. A very well written and full report can be found on Michael's site - www.storerboatplans.com/wp/?p=784

Here are some highlights............................


Laying out the cut panels with butt-joints in place.....
The Mad Scientist at work......."now where did I put that eye of newt?????".
Care taken here is rewarded later. Neatly taped fillets.....
Another late night photo session.
Curved decks being fitted - a departure to Michael's plans here, a "Canoes and Lampshades" signature..
Four days later we have a canoe - now to give her the finishing touches.
Decks now painted gloss black and looking just fine.
Michael Storer's Quick Canoe 155 - built in a week and fun all the way.
First taste of her new element.....and that's the Geodesic Airolite Percy Blandford in bubble wrap.
The ultimate test - SHE FLOATS.....and paddles off.
and returns - Smiles all 'round.
Judged "Best Boat" at the 2010 Tinaroo Raid.
She also proved to be the best little firewood carrier around.....quickly picking up her new nickname - "The Ute".
And what's this!!! Could this be the first published photo of this pair of Storer designs - A Goat Island Skiff and the 155 - both in white - what a great way to finish the week-end.
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