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Sabre National Championships Trophies and Pics Sabre Nationals
Sabre Nationals in Hobart

Sabre Nationals in Hobart

Sabre Nationals in Hobart
Texas Pete - Stephen SnellSheer Delight - Steven BarwickBlue Thunder - Matthew KeilBlow Me - James HallAlvin - Rhys WittPressure Drop - Daniel KeilSouthern Aurora - Robbie GrahamSea Beat - Andrew KeilKatana - Tyler CrookItzaboat - Eric SzaboKaboom - Breanna CollinsHooligan - Rowan Clark
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The trophies presented at the 2009-10 National Championships in Hobart were proudly supplied by Canoes and Lampshades.

The thinking behind the design of the trophies was to link Hobart and Tasmania to the Sabre Dinghy. Huon Pine was chosen as Tasmania's representative timber and the Tasmanian map gave the Hobart connection. Then the West and North coastlines were re-worked to represent the Sabre mast and sail. A red painted tip was added to further enhance the link to the Sabre Class dinghy.

As well as the trophies framed photographs were also presented. The framing and printing were kindly donated by Harvey Norman at Glenorchy and the photos were taken by myself.

I must say at this point that I am NOT a professional photographer. These photos were taken in and around the dock and launching area at Bellerive and cover 90% of the fleet as well as a few long range shots of the conditions experienced on Saturday the 2nd - if you were there you know what I mean..................

Feel free to email me with your sail number and I can advise how many shots etc are available - $20 will get you two CDs with approximately 900 photos.

Professional "on water" shots of the event were taken by Ian Jeanneret and are available at http://ianjeanneret.zenfolio.com/sabre2009
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